iPad 3 Screen & Glass Repair DIY

broken ipad glass

So you just had your new ipad. Your so happy using it, took care of it and even baby it, and all of a sudden in an unprecedented event it slipped off your hand, your kid throw it, your partner sat on it, or something fell on it. The result, a broken screen. I searched net and saw on one forum the cost  of using apple service center would cost USD 200.00 or more. Wow its almost the amount of getting a new second generation Ipad. And using a third party repair shop costs USD 99.00. Wow, even though its lower than the cost on apple’s service center its still expensive. Unless, you want to do it yourself, there are kits that is available online for as low as USD 40.00. Tedious, but looks tempting. Watch out this demonstration on how to do it yourself.