Fun and Duffs at Dallas Arboretum!

Unprecedented events comes at the least you expected. All in all our visit to Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is fun, except for few flaws.
Lets enumerate the flaws.

1. Horrendous parking spots.Numerous number of people come and visit the place but the parking space are few with the addition of not so helpful traffic agents.

2. Not enough seats are provided for visitors who wanted to eat on cafe’s.

3. There’s only one entrance and exit spots. (as i mentioned above the parking is lame so we need to find a spot to park). We found one by the Trail near the lake at the very end. We need to walk back to go on the entrance).

Now for the beauty of the Place i insert some of the majestic photos taken during our visit November of 2012.

all in all i can say that it was an enjoyable experience and i learned a lesson. Better be ready on unexpected things to happen.